Accueil - Programmation - You'd be Prettier if You Smiled

You'd be Prettier if You Smiled

We have assembled some of the finest wits from across Canada, who just happen to be women, given them an intimate venue and asked them to let lose on a hilarious female positive night of outrageous, honest and searing comedy! 

Hosted by Chantal Desjardins from CTV, CJAD, City’s Breakfast Television and SportsNet.
With Ottawa’s Jenn Labelle; Toronto’s Keesha Brownie, Halifax’s Kirsten Finch, London’s Sara Quinn and Cornwall's Jacy Lafontaine! 

Editor's Note: Not recommended for overly sensitive males, everyone else is INVITED to the party!

September 23rd, 2018 at 7:00 pm 

Salle: Espace Éphémère au Centropolis


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